Bespoke Service


Please enquire about our bespoke pottery making service, shows and events we may be attending and telephone orders for our cookware. To order or commission bespoke pottery please fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you immediately.

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Our Products

I make a large number of items, including:

  • Plates of all sizes, with or without foot ring.
  • Chargers and platters
  • Soup bowls with or without handles and lids
  • Breakfast/Dessert bowls
  • Cup and saucer sets
  • Teapots
  • Roasters
  • Mugs
  • Hot Pot Cooking Dish
  • Salad Bowls of all sizes
  • Casserole Dishes of all sizes
  • Rice Bowls
  • Condiment Dishes
  • Fondues
  • Cutlery Jars
  • Mixing Bowls with and without lipped rims

The list is endless and if you wish something special made for your house or business then do please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you wish to have a particular piece of ceramic cookware, tableware or presentation ware made to your specifications, whether a single item for your home or large orders for your business, then I am able to provide a service where I will work with you the customer, to create bespoke pottery and supply your ceramic needs. I avoid telling the customer “this is what I make and this is all you can buy”. I endeavour to create the shape, feel and look you have in your minds eye. I don’t baulk away from difficult jobs. I will always advise you if your expectations are unobtainable but I will always try. A Truly bespoke pottery service. With every order I learn something extra to take on to the next one. You never stop learning with pottery

I will work with you at all stages to design new products from start to finish and produce quantities as required. Advice on choice of clays and glazes is available and I may be able to create a glaze to suit your taste or you may choose from any of the Hundred-Aker-Wood Pottery glazes which are tried and tested.

The Process

Making bespoke pottery is a lengthy process and it is not possible to guarantee delivery times of the finished items. We are able to offer time guides on orders but often we are dictated by the drying process. After being made, the pot then has to dry. With the drying process we are at the mercy of nature, if the weather is warm and dry the pot will dry quicker but a damp or wet atmosphere will result in a longer drying period. The drying process cannot always be artificially forced as this can cause the pot to weaken or to crack in the kiln during firing. Hence we are fond of the saying: “The best things in life are worth waiting for”

If you wish to use our bespoke pottery making service we ask for our enquiry form to be filled in with full details of your requirements and then I will personally contact you to discuss your order and give you a quote.

Ordering/Samples prior to ordering.

I am able to provide you with samples of your ideas/proposed orders. For new customers I request a flat fee of £15 for samples. This has been forced upon me unfortunately so If you require me to make samples prior to an order being placed please accept that this one off charge will be required to be paid prior to samples being dispatched. This only applies to new customers. Sorry but I am unable to send samples overseas. I accept orders for overseas but will not be able to provide samples prior. Please contact me to discuss if you are an overseas customer..

I get asked to reproduce other potters work. This is something I do not do and if you would like to have a piece in the style of a particular potter, please refer directly to that potter.

So if you wish to have Hundred-Aker-Wood Pottery create your bespoke pottery, first please complete the enquiry form and I will be back in touch.

The best things in life are worth waiting for...